Time4learning through Puffin Academy NEVER works for more than a few minutes
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    Default Time4learning through Puffin Academy NEVER works for more than a few minutes

    I only signed up for time4learning because I was under the impression my son could use his Kindle Fire HD 7 to do his school work. We downloaded the Puffin Academy which seems to work fine. But the time4learning app never works properly through it. The mouse feature is very un-receptive. It almost never clicks where you want or you have to try 15 times. The internet connection is constantly lost so your work/game freezes and you have to start over. What can I do to make this work better?

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    We recommend either using Time4Learning on a tablet or a computer, using Google Chrome or Firefox for computers, and Puffin Academy for tablets.

    You may try the steps below but we can't guarantee that it will work on a Kindle.

    Below we have provided you with steps to download the required application to run our program on a Kindle device.

    1. Under the settings on your Kindle device you will select the option labeled Device. They will see an option of Allow installation of applications, here they will slide it to ON.

    2. Go onto the web and search for www.1mobile.com Once on this web page you will do a search for Puffin Academy. When you see the Puffin Academy Icon

    tap the icon and you will be given the option to install.

    3. Select install and follow all the steps to install just as you do with any other application. Once it shows as installed you will see the 1Mobile application within the AP section. You may receive a notice to update the application first, so go ahead and do that. Once installed and updated you will see the 1Mobile market icon in the AP section and will want to open it.

    4. Once you open the application you should be brought back to the page that shows the Puffin Academy icon again and provides the option to install, go ahead and install it. Once installed you will be able to open the Puffin Academy application from your APs.

    5. When you are on the Puffin Academy AP you will do a search for Time4Learning.com, which will bring you to a page with the link for Time4Learning.com. Click launch and you will be able to log the student in just as if you were using a normal computer.


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