Today's work not found in log.
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    Default Today's work not found in log.

    After my granddaughter completed her day's work in LA (grade 4), there was no record of her time spent there, and I could not print her completed quiz. These are required by the school auditor to prove she is meeting the requirements of the school district and the state. The math work is there. We have been having issues today with a long lag between mouse clicks and screen upload. I assumed it was because of our crap ISP, but when her work was not logged, I realized the issue may be with T4L. Would you please look into it.

    Also, how can I change her log in name. I used her first name, but she goes by her middle name and would like that to be her log in name.

    Thank you.

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    It sounds like your internet connection is not very strong. This will cause lessons to not show in your student records. Please contact one of the customer service representatives so they may ask you additional questions in order to better assist you. Mon- Thurs 8:30- 7pm EST Friday 8:30- 6pm EST. 888-771-0914
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