Trouble continuing with lesson
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    Default Trouble continuing with lesson

    I am new to T4L and am able to log in, but when my daughter reached a point where I think it was supposed to read a passage to her, it didn't do it. I clicked on the icon and it sent me to download some things. I did this, but it still didn't work. When I clicked the arrow to move to the next page, just thinking she would read it herself, the internet shut down. This happened on two computers. I have tried to get to the support site and my computer says it's not a site. Help! I'm about to just get my money back. I have also looked at system requirements at it appears I have everything.

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    If you have installed Peedy the Parrot, you will need to switch your browser to Firefox. Peedy is a screen reader that reads the text on the page. Peedy uses old technology that does not work with more modern browsers and is no longer supported by Microsoft. Once you download Peedy, Time4Learning will no longer work properly with Internet Explorer. You will need to switch to the browser Firefox when running T4L, which can be downloaded here: Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

    After switching to Firefox, you should be able to access the program without issue. If you are still having trouble after switching browser, please contact support directly at [email protected] so that they can further assist you.

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