Trying to edit information in my Profile in the Parent Community & Forum
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    Default Trying to edit information in my Profile in the Parent Community & Forum

    I have just recently starting trying to use the Parent Forum. I thought I could login using my T4L parent login and password. That was not the case, when I figured out how to log in I tried to change my notification settings, my password to something I would remember, and add a photo.
    It denied me, and said I don't have access to change anything in MY profile?
    Could someone elaborate on why I cannot change my PERSONAL information?
    Thank you.

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    Hi April,

    Welcome to our forum!

    As of now you have made 1 post . When you were submitting this one you may have noticed an alert saying your message won't be displayed until a moderator approves it.

    Once you have made 3 posts, the permissions on your account are updated allowing you to change your profile details, picture, post without requiring moderator approval, as well as make use of other features.

    We have these rules in place for new accounts as a form of preventing spam and ensuring our forums safety. I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any further concerns.



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