Unable to set Weekly Breaks in schedule planner/ Would like "Day" breaks as well
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    Default Unable to set Weekly Breaks in schedule planner/ Would like "Day" breaks as well

    I am trying to set up new schedules for my kiddos, however, on this new system I am not able to set up weekly breaks even though it looks like it is supposed to allow for it. I put in the week I want to take off and click "add break" but it doesn't work/save. Really frustrating as it throws the schedule completely off and makes it perfectly useless for the year.

    I would also love to be able to block off certain "days" instead of just weeks, as I would like my kiddos to be able to plan around holidays and other days off. It helps them to remember those days are not available for school and also would adjust the schedule. For instance, I would rather not block off the entire week of Thanksgiving, although I would like to have schoolwork scheduled on Monday-Wednesday of that week. Admin, if you could look into this possibility.

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    The manage breaks feature was disabled for a time while we were trying to fix the glitches that came up when we updated the planner. That feature us working fine now and you should have no problems adding a break into the schedule. If you are still having a problem please contact us either by email [email protected] or by phone (888) 771-0914, we would be more than happy to help you with any problems you may be experiencing.

    Also, thank you for your feedback regarding daily breaks. We are always looking for ways to improve based off of the feedback that we get from our members. We will definitely pass this on so that hopefully daily breaks is a feature that can be added to the schedule.

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