Where is the Pause button?
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    Default Where is the Pause button?

    We can't find the pause button in the lessons. My daughter is attempting to take some notes on adding fractions, but she can't because the narrator speaks faster than she can write, and the screen moves to the next one before she can copy the sample problems. Does anyone know where the pause button is?

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    Most of the activities do not have the option to pause them while the child is going through them. If you feel that you child may need to review the material again you may do that at anytime. Simply log back into the child's account and access the exact same activities again. There are no limits on how much or how often your child may repeat activities. Also, if you know the activity number that you wish for them to re-visit you may enter that number in the activity finder box on your child's launch page at anytime to take them directly to that specific activity.

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    Do they plan to add this function? Since there is no rewind or fast forward, going through an ENTIRE lesson to see one or two frames that god forbid are near or at the end? That's just not feasible. The student will lose interest really fast and possibly get really frustrated since this will cause them to have to sit through parts they DO get just to get to one or two frames that may possibly still go too fast for them to understand and then cause them to have to review a 15 minute lesson 3+ times for a 4 minute frame....that seems like a serious flaw worth fixing.

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    In the newer lessons they are adding that feature. as far as updating the older lessons, we believe that they will be replaced by newer lessons with that feature.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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