where are worksheets that go with K Laungage Arts?
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    Default where are worksheets that go with K Laungage Arts?

    New to this program and cant find the worksheets for Kindergarten Language Art, Ex:KR032 worksheet?

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    Default Re: where are worksheets that go with K Laungage Arts?

    Hi, Mrs. Klett!

    Log in to your parent account, click on Resources, and then click on answer keys/scope and sequence in the left sidebar. Click on Kindergarten Language Arts in the chart.

    The items marked "Worksheet" in the worksheet column are actually printable versions of the little kindergarten readers.

    Worksheets that go with the lessons are within the lessons themselves. When your student clicks to access an "Authentic Task" lesson, they will find worksheets instead of an animated lesson. These begin in chapter eight. You can click on the little red A icon in the worksheet column to see the parent instructions, worksheets themselves, and answer key.

    There are additional worksheets and ideas (all completely optional) for kindergarten. You can find those by clicking on the little apple icon marked "Guide" at the top, right of the same table we have been discussing.

    I hope this helps you navigate the kindergarten worksheets! Let us know if there's still some confusion.

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