Why isn't the 5th grade math quiz score clickable?
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    Default Why isn't the 5th grade math quiz score clickable?

    Hi! I am new, but I searched the forums and didn't quite understand this. My son took the Roman/Greek numerals quiz. I wanted to see what the questions were that he got wrong. But there was no option to see missed questions at the end of the quiz. I went to the Reports section, but in the Reports section, the score is in black and not clickable. The demo shows the score should be in blue and should be clickable.

    He did pass the quiz (90%) but I'd still like to see what he missed.

    I'd appreciate any ideas, because if I can't see what he missed, I can't tell what the problem is!

    Thank you!

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    Hi ALA and Welcome!!!

    There aren’t any tests within the higher grade levels. The upper level curriculum follows a pattern of guided lessons, followed by practice exercises to reinforce the concept being taught. After a quiz is completed the 'Turn In' option will light up. Once your quiz is turned in, you will receive an Odyssey Quiz Review which will allow you to review your quiz results one question at a time. The Odyssey Quiz Review cannot be viewed once you exit the activity so be sure to take advantage of the tool before you exit. Use the "key" to determine how well your student did on their quiz.

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