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Thread: Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?

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    It is important that the student use the "exit" button when finishing an activity. If they click the "X" at the top right it will not mark as complete. Since the lessons have been made over a number of years and have different authors, the exiting procedures can be different in each activity. We are sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the curriculum. Sometimes tweaks to your computer system are required to keep everything working optimally. Our support team would be happy to assist you with whatever troubles you are having if you would like to call them at 888-771-0914. At this time I am not seeing any incompleted work in your student's accounts.

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    Default Re: Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?

    My kids have had the same problem. They have also had the opposite problem where something was checked that they didn't do yet. I have solved this by just staying on top of their curriculum's.

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    Default Re: Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?

    I have four children in this program. Each of them has had a difficult time with the lessons not being marked as complete. I checked the forum and made sure they were exiting correctly. However, even when they do exit correctly, sometimes, they still will not mark as complete. For instance, my kindergartener had a quiz today. She passed the quiz. We hit continue as instructed and the lesson is still not marked as complete. Very frustrating. It also makes it difficult to keep up with where they are each new day. We sometimes have to click on those that are not checked off as complete, only to find that they had been completed. A standard exit button for all subjects would be great, and those that are already in place need to work as they are supposed to.

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    Default Re: Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?

    ​L​esson quizzes and chapter tests have a unique design compared to standard learning activities. They are dynamic because questions for quizzes and tests are pulled from a pool of questions, making each one unique in composition. If a student needs to retake the quiz or test, the sequence and/or questions will be different. Therefore, the quizzes and tests do not show a check mark because the student completes a different version each time​.​

    ​​​Please contact us at 888-771-0914 and we would be more than happy to assist. ​This way we can review your account over the phone.

    Our Hours of are:

    Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm (EST)
    Friday: 8:30 am - 6 pm (EST)​​

    Heidi Cruz
    T4L Customer Representative

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    Default Re: Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?

    I've run into the issue where the program would put a check mark beside the assignment when my son or myself accidentally clicked on the wrong assignment, it would show up as either half completed or completed, it does the same thing whether it's a practice/instructions/lessons/quizzes/tests, very frustrating!

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    Default Re: Why isn't my activity marking as "Complete"?

    There are three places completion is indicated.

    In the Student Reports (when you access by logging in to your parent dashboard and clicking on Reports OR by logging in to your student dashboard and clicking on Portfolio), the icon that looks like a full piece of paper indicates the activity was opened and completed. The icon that looks like a partial piece of paper indicates the lesson was opened (even for a second or two), but not completed.

    The Recent Work tab in your student's reports shows all access and is goes back for a maximum of thirty days. The actual Reports tab only shows completed activities and is maintained for the duration of your membership.

    The activity icons only receive a check mark if an activity is completed and exited properly. The activity icons are those little boxes on your student's dashboard after he or she clicks on a subject. If a test is passed with 80 percent or better, all of the associated activity icons will be checked off, even if they have not been done.

    It is helpful to understand that clicking on a subject icon (such as "social studies") is like opening a book. It takes you to a page of icons that represent chapters in that book. Clicking on one of the chapter icons takes you to a page of icons that represent lessons in that chapter. Clicking on one of the lesson icons takes you to a page of icons that represent activities in that chapter. Some activities teach, some allow the student to practice, and some are assessments, such as a quiz or test.

    The boxes in the student planner are checked off either automatically by the program at 1:00 AM each morning OR manually by the student after he or she completes each activity. You set up your preference when you create the plan.

    Time4Learning provides a lot of tools for parents. You can pick and choose what information is useful in your own situation.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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