Is an XO computer laptop compatible with T4L?
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    Default Is an XO computer laptop compatible with T4L?

    We are looking for laptop computers for our children and would like to support the One Laptop Per Child program. What we would like to know if this computer is compatible with the T4L program. Thank you! Maria

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    Hi Maria,

    Great Question! We support the 1 child 1 computer program too. We feel it's such an important and worthwhile project. We also have one of those cute little green computers in the office. Unfortunately we haven't had much luck getting it online, so we haven't been able to see if it is compatible with Time4Learning.

    We'd love to know as well![/code]
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    I played with XO computer. Then I stopped. If you are used to fast computers, the XO is very frustrating. It is slow compared to state of the art.

    I have trouble imagining anybody who is used to computers and game machines finding the performance of the XO to be acceptable.

    Of course, in the Third World, where they don't have access or experience with fast computers, it's incredibly interesting and cool and they probably won't feel the same frustration.

    It would like going back (an an analogy) to slow dial-up (14kb modem) after being used to DSL. It's just frustrating.

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