Attention Tennessee families
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    Tennessee does NOT recognize this program. There are 5-FIVE- colleges in this state that will take this program's credits. Don't waste your money!

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    I replied to your other thread, but I also wanted to comment here. As a general rule, colleges don't care about what curriculum was used to homeschool, they care about transcripts. TN also doesn't care which curriculum you use (if you go with the "Independent Homeschool" option, rather than the charter school or accredited school options). They only care about attendance and subjects taught and test scores.

    They do require students to test in each subject for re-entry into the school system.
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    Default Re: Attention Tennessee families

    Time4Learning does not issue credits, so I'm really wondering about the five colleges who said they would accept Time4Learning's credits. There seems to be a lot of confusion here.

    I replied to your other thread, too. There is hope! Here is that thread:

    Time4Learning is not a school. It is really important to know the difference between an online school (which many people mistakenly refer to as "homeschooling") and actually homeschooling before you decide to homeschool.

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    This is not true there are several programs acceptable but you need to track what your child is retaining. Saying this bluntly the only reason a child wouldn't be able to re enter the school system is lack of education on the parents part. Keep track of what your child needs per grade. When I see there is an area my children are struggling with we may review it several times. Children in public schools do not receive the education needed. Two of my children were passing with terrible grades and falling between the cracks. All of my children have been adopted out of the foster system and were behind. My one daughter is LDD and doing so much better since homeschooling and finds this program fun. I've seen many children graduate and successfully go to college with good homeschooling programs. Thank you Time4Learning for the excellent program and resources you have I find it very helpful.

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