Homeschool K and enrolled in PreK
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Thread: Homeschool K and enrolled in PreK

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    Default Homeschool K and enrolled in PreK

    I know this is an odd question but I am considering enrolling my daughter in a part time preK while doing homeschool kindergarten at home. Is this legal or would there be any issue from the state? Academically she is more than ready to be in Kindergarten but she could benefit from learning to be in a classroom setting (without mom). Most of the homeschool tutorials I have found expect children to already be comfortable in a classroom environment (sitting still, paying attention, following directions, etc.). Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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    I am assuming that your child is considered pre-school age, but at a Kindergarten academic level. As long as your child is put into the grade level that they are supposed to be in, there is no law that says you cannot also educate them at home. I am not sure which homeschool tutorials you have seen, but there are many different homeschooling methods, some that focus on children learning through their own interests and play only. Ideally, yes it would be more convenient to have our children from the start be able to sit still, pay attention, and follow directions, but for most children at ages 3, 4, 5 etc. that can be too much to ask at first (at least in long spans of time). During the early educational years, in between short blocks of seat work, you can easily incorporate learning opportunities in fun ways: educational games, movies, field trips, and using the computer, etc. There are many parents who choose to replicate a classroom setting, but there are many of us who do not (myself being one them). Below I have included a few websites that I would urge you to check out and of course I recommend you contact your local school board when it comes to the rules and laws of your state. Good Luck & I hope I have helped!
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    Thank you for your response! She is a young 5 so old enough for kindergarten although if she were starting a traditional private school we would wait until she is 6. Most of the tutorials I have found in my area TN expect the kids to have some structured preschool experience prior to starting and all of her preschool experience has been at home. We have done a Montessori/Waldorf/Reggio inspired homeschool at home. That said she is way beyond the prek classroom academically but I was planning to send her there 1 day a week to learn how to follow directions from another adult, how to navigate a classroom without mom, etc. but didn't know if it was legal to have a child enrolled in prek as well as enrolled with an umbrella program in Kindergarten.

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