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    Default How to grade.

    I don't know how to find what my child is making? Is he getting "C's"? I don't know. I do see that I can make a report. And, I just figured out how to do a summary. Is the summary supposed to be the grade?

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    Default Re: How to grade.

    Hi! Welcome to the forum.

    You are the teacher, so you decide whether to use grades at all. Many homeschool families with children below high school level don't bother, because grades are intended as a way for the teacher to let the parent know how the student is doing. Once they are in high school, most people do grades so they can prepare a high school transcript that the child can use for college.

    Time4Learning scores all of the online work. They are reported as "percentage correct". You can access the scores from your parent dashboard. Just log in and click on the Reports button. How you use those scores is up to you. Many people simply take a quick look to make sure their child is understanding their online lessons.

    If you want to calculate a grade, there are many ways to do that. Every teacher will have their preferred method. Some include all work, some include only test scores, some give more weight to test scores than daily work, etc. etc. etc. Given the same scores, no two teachers will come up with exactly the same "grade". There are also many grading scales. You can see that by doing a Google search. Generally, they are similar to 90s being an A, 80s being a B, 70s a C, 60s a D, and below that an F.

    If you decide to calculate a grade, you will also want to decide whether to include your child's worksheets and writing assignments (which you score yourself).

    I find it simpler to just make sure my kids are scoring 80 percent or above on most things. If they get a low score, I check to see if it's something I want to make sure they know (like most math concepts). If their score was due to some dates they didn't have memorized, I just let it go. If I feel it's an important concept, I'll have them re-do the lessons and perhaps find a YouTube video or some other resource to help them. Most of us have our own ideas about what we think our kids need.

    I hope this helps. I don't think you will find one single "right" way to come up with a grade, but you can come up with one you are comfortable with.

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