I am thinking about home schooling my child
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    Default I am thinking about home schooling my child

    I have been researching home schooling online. My child is in kindergarten and i am wanting to home school them for the remaining school year. I have been to different sites to see what is required to do this. Some sites say you need a GED or diploma to teach your child in any grade other sites say you only need a GED or high school diploma if you are teaching 9th through 12th grade.So i am unsure if i need a GED or high school diploma to teach my kindergartner?

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    Default Re: I am thinking about home schooling my child

    Hi. Each state's homeschool laws are different. I found this on the Tennessee Department of Education website about Tennessee homeschool laws. To use the independent homeschool option (which is the only option in Tennessee that is generally recognized as actually "homeschooling"), it looks like you do need a GED or high school diploma. I don't see anything about the student's grade level making a difference.

    Since Time4Learning is not a school, you would be using the independent homeschool option if you signed up for T4L. The other two options in Tennessee (church-related umbrella school or accredited online school) are actually school-at-home options (where a third party directs the student's education) and not "homeschooling" (where the parent directs the student's education).

    Edit: Here is the Intent to Homeschool form that Tennessee has you fill out, and it does have you certify that, to teach grades K-12, you have a GED or high school diploma.

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