I am thinking about homeschooling
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    Default I am thinking about homeschooling

    I have a 3 yo and a 1 yo. My mother teaches at a public school and is wanting me to have them attend there also. I feel I am very capable of homeschooling. What I want to know is; is it expensive? Where do I go to get information about it? Is homeschooling better for children in the areas of quality learning, one on one time, and good environments? Growing up I never knew about homeschooling until I actually met someone who was homeschooled so I don't know a lot about it.

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    Default Re: I am thinking about homeschooling

    Deciding to homeschool is really a personal decision. Many people find that it works better for their family, while some feel that public school is the best option.

    I have found that homeschooling can be expensive or cheap! We've used expensive curricula (when we first started) and free supplements as well. Time4Learning offers very competitive prices for what they offer.

    I sent a couple of my children to school for a year and a half and I found that home was the better option. We are closer, their behavior and attitudes are better and they are thriving with a love for learning. My oldest is now in college and my youngest is in the 1st grade.

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