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    Default Kingsport, TN

    I saw someone had posted they were from Kingsport so I wanted to post a couple to do things in the area.
    First your parks & rec supports homeschoolers with a physical education program which is pretty kewl and affordable at $15.
    Our YMCA in Athens is doing a lot for us.

    Also the Ballet seems to have a free day once a year. It was in April but you may want to bookmark the site and check for the 2010 performance

    Also if you have a child interested in golf you may want to look at

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    Default Re: Kingsport, TN

    Hi gabels, I live in the tri city area up near Warriors State Park. It's good to find someone from my area that is using time4learning and is homeschooling . This is just my second year and I have alot to learn so it helps talking to others who are homeschooling. My daughter is in the third grade. Have you already started teaching? We are just starting up today, but she also starts Co op classes with Kingsport Christian School the firtst day of Sept. she will be taking a art class there. Art is not my strong area I can't draw a straight line, but my daughter is very talented in drawing so thank goodness I've got that covered.

    What grade is your child? do you do co ops in kingsport? I know there is a support group somewhere in kingsport but I haven't hooked up with the right person yet. I just had my interview for the kingsport christian school last Thursday so I haven't got to know any of the parents. Anyway just wanted to stop in and say hello, hope you have a good homeschooling year and maybe we can chat sometime

    God Bless,


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