Looking for a science club for my gifted 6 year old
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    Default Looking for a science club for my gifted 6 year old

    Good morning! I am new to the forum so perhaps if there is already a post that can redirect me, I would love the redirection!

    I am searching for a science club or group in the Knoxville area for my son. He loves science and is constantly trying experiments and doing inventions. He says he wants to be an engineer yet loves rocks and studying human anatomy books with "awesome diagrams"! We started homeschooling him in January and he really loves to be with kids but struggles with children his own age. Are there some gifted science groups that exist? Or does someone want to put one together?

    Thanks for any information ahead of time!

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    T4L is an online curriculum. To find a science club you probably need to locate a local homeschool group. If there is no science club in the Knoxville area you can always start one.
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