May be moving back to Tn and have HS questions.
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    Default May be moving back to Tn and have HS questions.

    I am in Florida now and am under an umbrella school. So I do not have to have a yr end test done or things like that. Does Tn have the same thing if you are under an umbrella school? If not what kind of test or evaluations would be needed every year? If there is umbrella schools how would you go about finding them?
    Also I have hard once they begin High School they can only be home Schooled by someone with a 4 yr degree. Is that true? Here in Florida we do not have to have that degree. My daughter is a 5th grader right now and what we find out about all will be a help in what we decide to do. If they do have to have someone who has the degree does Tn offer Virtual school and is that legal for HS?


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    We belong to Homelifeacademy. We love them. (We have been with them for 5 years now.
    You can keep track of everything online. No yearly testing is required, but you may do so if you chose to. (They don't actually administer tests.)
    It is also affordable, they have great support, and answer questions quickly. You can choose whatever curriculum you want.

    There are no degree requirements to homeschool at any level in Tn.

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    Lisa and Michelle,
    First, the disclaimer. This is not meant to constitute legal advice, or an official interpretation of education statues. Whew, with that out of the way I will tell you what I understand from the education statutes. This in no way is meant to contradict what Michelle said, only to add to it.
    There are 4 ways you can register to educate your child.
    1. Registration with the Local Education Agency. (LEA )This section requires a HS or GED education of the parent/teacher if the student is 8h grade or below, and a BA/BS education for the parent/teacher if the student is 9th-12th. That being said, there is a provision to ask for an exemption to this rule, and it must be submitted and approved annually.
    2.Church related school. They act as a cover school, I imagine something like the Umbrella school in Florida. Teachers there are not required to have a BA/BS but must have HS dipolma or GED. There is accountability to the LEA for highschoolers.
    3.Attend a CRS. (Church Related School) This one, as far as I can tell, lets the parent be a faculty member of the CRS, and home is considered an extension of the campus. This is not considered homeschooling as much as private schooling. The BA/BS requirement does not apply for highschool students. This option does not appear to report to LEA.
    4. Catagory III. This is distance learning/correspondence schooling. This is considered private schooling not homeschooling.

    As you can see, this is clear as mud I'm not sure how to help you navigate these treacherous waters. With your child being in 5th grade now, you do have some time to explore each of these options and figure out what will work best for you. Also keep in mind that this could all change between now and when your child hits high school.
    If anyone has more information on this please jump in and give us your insight!!
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