I wanted to share a neat opportunity for homeschoolers in the Nashville, TN area. Kingdom Academy of the Arts provides one day events such as Pioneer Day, Indian Day, and Harvest Day as well as an Enrichment Program. The Enrichment Program is the next event on their calendar. Your children spend a day on a farm once a week for 12 weeks from 9:00-2:30 learning about nature, animals, art, poetry, scripture memory, raising and caring for farm animals, games, etc. My kids attending Enrichment this past spring and had a blast! Here is more info on from an email:

**Kingdom Academy of the Arts Enrichment Program**

Registration is now open for Fall Enrichment! Classes begin August 31, 2011. This twelve week fall nature study and artprogram combines God's amazing world with our creativity. Listed below are the four different unitstudies planned for fall.

BEES— One of God’s marvelous creations…we will study theirhabits, characteristics, their design and sample honey and visit our local beeman for a wonderful field trip. An artproject centering on the bee is also planned.

BUTTERFLIES—We will learn how to collect and study thesefascinating insects. Each student willbegin their own butterfly collection as a part of our study and create abutterfly mosaic with tiles and grout.

TREES— Fall is a wonderful time to study trees. The students will learn to recognize most ofthe trees growing on our farm. They willstudy the leaves, bark, growth rings, bud scars and much more. The art project focuses on learning to paintwith acrylics and captures the colors of autumn.

BEAVERS—The most fascinating rodent in God’s design. This little creature can chew his way thrumost tress. We are hopeful to find abeaver habitat to explore and we study their homes (the lodge), the dams, theirhabits, food and much more and students re-create the habitat next to the creekas well as make an artistic edible version of both the lodge and the dam.

Twelve Week Program offered on Wednesdays or Thursdays beginning August 31 or September 1.

Time: 9:00 am-2:30 pm

Ages: 6-14 years

Cost: $250 + $50 supply fee = 66 hours of nature study, art, poetry, scripture memory, games, & farm fun for your child to enjoy!

Register online - Kingdom Academy of the Arts

Email - [email protected]