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    Default Need some input in Franklin

    Hi all. This may be long. Forgive me! I have an 11-year-old son with Asperger's/Bipolar who was just expelled from his private school yesterday. (a school that specializes in learning/behavioral issues) He was in Williamson Co. schools from 3 yrs till the end of 4th grade with a full-time aide and had a great experience there. We opted to try this private school for 5th grade in hopes that it would be a good place for him for middle school and beyond. I don't want to send him to public school once he's in middle school. He has explosive outbursts that the private school felt they weren't equipped to deal with and he did not respond to their behavior plan. Because he has had such a bad transition to this private school, he has truly done no grade level work since he started in August. We can take him back to his zoned public school, but he will be months behind the other 5th graders.

    So...I've decided to try homeschooling in an effort to get him caught up. I have questions. Lots and lots of questions...

    1. Umbrella programs. I tried to sign him up under the Family Christian School umbrella today. I was honest on the app and noted that he was dismissed from his school. Because of that, they will only accept him if he completes a $250 Bible study titled "God's Plan for Man". As a Christian, I am incredibly offended by this. My child has Asperger's and his behaviors are related to the way his brain works, he is not living outside of God's plan for his life. I have not tried to register with another umbrella program and I am wondering if this is going to be a consistent issue with these programs or is this an anomaly?

    2. Social interaction. Because of his issues, he really needs the socialization that a classroom provides. Does anyone know of a Franklin-based homeschool group that plans activities maybe on a weekly basis? I'm not really interested in a co-op classroom situation at this point, as the classroom structure is what sets Noah's behaviors off currently. (Yes, it makes no sense!) I'm interested in a group that does some fun field trip type activities.

    3. Time. We did T4L today. He did 8 activities and it only took about 90 minutes. What do we do the rest of the time? (This is where a social group would come in really handy!)

    I think that covers my main 3 concerns right now. Reading over my description, I make my son sound a little scary. He is actually quite charming and very social. He just gets really worked up really easily when he is under stress.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!


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    You are not set up to receive private messages. I have been really busy and missed your message. Franklin/ Williamson CO has some very, very active groups. There is a MNO this Thursday. It is usually the 4th Thursday of the month at Panera in Cool Springs. Nov and Dec dates are a little off due to the holidays and usually at someone's home. Join wctnhs on yahoo groups for more info.

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    Local groups will be your best source of information. That includes umbrella group selection. Did you explain to the umbrella group what the issue was? I would think that their additional requirement would be for students who were "bad", not students who had issues such as your son has. I think you should look elsewhere if they are unwilling to bend on this rule.
    See if the local mom's have suggestions that will be more accomodating to your son's needs.
    As for how long it takes to do the T4L lessons, consider that the amount of work he can do without distractions, class changes, and with individualized instruction will probably be much greater than what he could accomplish in a traditional school setting. In your case, this is a good thing because it will allow him to catch up quickly. The other thing to keep in mind is that there are often exercises within a learning activity on T4L that might suggest additional work off line. If you are concerned that he is finishing too quickly, then make sure he is doing the additional assignments. For language arts that might mean writing a paragraph, or short paper, for science it might be doing an experiement and then recording results. For math, it would most likely be "resources" which are printable links under the assignment circle. These assignments within assignments are not required for your son to have the twirling star that indicates an activity has been completed. You choose how many of these extras he needs. Also, within some lessons are suggestions to go to outside site for additional study or information so you might have him check some of those out to fill in time and give him greater exposure to the consepts presented.

    If you have other questions or comments, please feel free to share them here with us. Good luck!
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