Roane County Schools (TN), Homeschooler TCAPS Testing At What Grade?
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    Default Roane County Schools (TN), Homeschooler TCAPS Testing At What Grade?

    Our oldest is registered with Roane County Schools as a independent-homeschooler; no umbrella school at this time. We just started Grade 3 this year. According to the Roane Schools homepage students in Roane County are sat for TCAPs starting at Grade 3; but I'm reading it as being public-school starts at Grade 3 and there's no info on the site for homeschoolers. According to TN's state guideline TCAPs and/or other testing doesn't start till Grade 5 or 7. I've tried contacting someone and have gotten no replies back.

    Can Roane County Schools call us in for the TCAPs at Grade 3 with the public-school students or do we get called during out son's 5th grade year?

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    I live in Roane County and my daughter was in public school through fourth grade (currently in private). While I do not know the answer to your question, may I suggest you contact Brenda Murphy at SailAway Learning and Academy. She has a homeschool umbrella and could answer your questions.

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    No. In TN home schooled students registered with their local school board are to participate in the same standardized testing as public schooled students in grades 5, 7, and 9. In grade 5 the parent teacher is allowed to be present during testing. In grade 9 the standardized testing should not include the high school proficiency test. Know the law. Carry a print copy of the law when dealing with the school board. They are not home educating, so do not expect them to know or be interested in figuring out home school law. After all, they are employees of the public school system. Google TCA (TN code annotated) 49-6-3050.

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    You are the best resource anyone could hope for!
    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom and experience!
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