Hello! I have a child who will be in pre-K in the fall but I am starting to gather resources for possibly homeschooling her next year. I am from a home school family and it has always been my intention to home school my children. However, my daughter started speech and occupational therapy two years ago and will be receiving services from the school system for pre-K. My concern is that I will not be able to give her enough social situations throughout the year to help with her social and speech development. The only reason I am putting her in a five day/week program is so she can have constant exposure to typical peers who in turn will hopefully help her communicate and socialize better. We had her in a three-day/week program last year but it didn't seem to be helping enough. I wanted to reach out through this forum and see if there are any parents who home school children with developmental delays and how you are able to so. I really want to home school as I have a deep distrust of the public school system, yet she may need extra services. Any advice would be great!