Starting off the New Year
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    Default Starting off the New Year

    In our house we decided to homeschool year round due to ... well frustration with how much can be forgot in the summer.
    However we do still file our paperwork with the town and many of our supplemental programs (e.g., Home school martial arts, home school gym at the Y) kick off in Septemeber.

    Does anyone else have a way they start off the new school year?
    Are there any new high schoolers in the group as that does have some additional requirements?
    Would love to hear from the group ...

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    Default Re: Starting off the New Year

    I must agree when my husband suggested doing school yr round i was not all pleased.But it did make sense to get more out of our time, we are doing school most of the week and having fun on the first cool days or the days mommy and daddy are being lazy. We need a 180 school day yr for tn school requirements and we will be going over.With the older boys reading so much now a school day is not always a "school day" to them because they are reading what they love and younger ones love the reading games they get to play. It is like telling them to go play on the computer all day that is what they are doing and our special needs son loves to be read too and loves to watch the reading games, the soon to be six year olds love that their older brother watches them do their school work We tell them "You are helping your older brother learn to talk more" and they love it. \/

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