TCAPs/Acheivement Testings Grade 3 or Grade 5?
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    Default TCAPs/Acheivement Testings Grade 3 or Grade 5?

    We homeschool our oldest in Roane County (TN), have for the last three years; independent homeschool, no umbrella or church affiliation. According to Roane County Schools homepage, students in Roane are supposed to take the state TCAPS at Grader 3 and then every year forward from there. But according to TN's Dept. Of Education website homeschoolers don't test till 5th, 7th, and 9th grade.

    So, does our son have to take the TCAPs next spring--he's in 3rd grade, or does he not take them till 5th grade? Basically do we follow the state or the county guideline?

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    I would suggest that you follow whichever is more strict, the coiunty or the state. While the state may be the overall governing body, the county will be the one you have to deal with if you don't follow the letter of their law. Sorry for the delay in answering, I hope this helps. My biggest recommendation is to check with the county and see what they say first. Then if you feel like their answer is still contradictory with the state's rule, check with the state DOE.
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