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    I am getting ready to start home schooling my son and know nothing about how to go about it. I have talked to several people and they all do something different. Someone told me about Liberty Online Academy and they only drawback I see is that it's 250.00 per month. What other schools do you all use and what is really the importance in accredited and non accredited schools?? Thank you all in advance. It's just so overwhelming at first.

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    This site is one of the best as far as overall coverage of information on home education in the state of TN. Here is there basic non-lawyer version of legally homeschooling in TN.

    Here is their list of umbrella schools. I have my favorite, but for your purposes HomeLife Academy may be a good option. You can go to the website and enroll immediately. It is $150 max per family/ year and they let you choose your own curriculum. Once you are registered with an umbrella program, T4L is an online curriculum that you can use for about $20/ month.

    As far as accreditation, there are a number of accredited distance learning institutions that have elementary programs. (Calvert, Sycamore Tree, Keystone) If your child were to attend one of these institutions, you would not need to enroll with an umbrella program. I have never seen the point to spending the money for an elementary program accredited by a regional accrediting agency. My thought is that if I needed to put my elementary age child in a traditional classroom then the public school would have to take him and a private school would give an entrance exam. Since neither institution would give much acknowledgement to my child's previous schooling, I don't see much point in enrolling in an expensive accredited distance learning institution when I can purchase and utilize the same or comparable materials for a fraction of the cost.

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    Guest..hi, and welcome to Time4Learning!

    Mandy...Your answers regarding homeschooling are wonderful, as usual! You are a great resource, thank you so much!
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