want to HS,not sure how,need help,please
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Thread: want to HS,not sure how,need help,please

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    Default want to HS,not sure how,need help,please

    as the title suggests I need help,advice,etc. I live in Blount Co.;son is in Maryville city school at this time. I would like to HS his last two years of high school. Please,help. thx.

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    Hi. I am homeschooling an 11th grader. We've been homeschooling him since 2nd semester of his 9th grade year. I am happy to correspond if you'd like. You didn't share your name but you can email me at [email protected]. If it helps any, I just posted our 11th grade curriculum choices - which includes the T4L HS courses - 11th Grade Planning Completed | Taneya & Kalonji.

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    Thanks for responding Taneya. This is exactly how the forum should work, homeschoolers helping other homeschoolers! Maybe our guest will check back and see that you offered help. I think it is great that you are using T4L high school. I am so over-joyed that T4L starting offering high school. We started with a few high school courses this year. I wish you all the best and feel free to ask any questions you might have!
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    Default testing n tn

    we r moving to tn next summer and my oldest will be n 10th. I was wondering about the testing do the parents give it or do u go somewere and do the test? thanks alot Rachelle

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    Hello I went through The Farm School
    as my umbrella school it is not Monitored by state because I have no intention on Having to compile IEP for my child w ADD and each student learns differently and I don't want to have to stick to state standardized tests. Check out the Farm school very reasonable payment and easy process just contact Jackie Willard on the website also there is a contact number. Just register your child and then unenroll her from school and start this curriculum. Good Luck I'm in Knox County if you need help.

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    Do you ever need to visit the Farm School for any reason? Are tests required through the school?

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    Default Homeschool for my 9th grader

    I would like to get in an accredited Tn homeschooling program for my high school daughter. What do I do or what Tn program should we consider?

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    Greetings Ginawhite,

    I will be home schooling my special ed 4th grader next school year. I see that you are in Knox County and so am I. I would love to connect and learn more about this Farm School. Im open to different approaches until I can find the right one for my son and daughter. PLease email me at tiaraladywilson2gmail.com


    (PS... CAN WE POST PHONE NUMBERS ON THE T4L FORUMS??? Im not big on informal written communication. Im old school and like having face-to-face and phone dialogue.)

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    Hey there. I wouldn't post a phone number here...it's not secure. Having said that, feel free to make initial contact via email or private message.
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