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    Default New to homeschooling

    I have decided to homeschool my first and third graders this year. I'm really nervous about it but it is an adventure we all get to take together. My girls are excited. So I live in Lawrenceburg and am wandering if there are any other homeschool families near me. I would like my girls to get to know other children who are being homeschooled. If anyone is interested in getting together for a field trip, study session or play date please get in touch.
    Thanks, Lisa

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    Default First time homeschooler near Jackson TN

    My family recently moved out from one county to a neighboring county. I have decided to homeschool my 4th grader this year. Since she is no longer living in the district she attended in 3rd grade and has never registered in the district she is currently living in, do we need to notify anyone that she is homeschooling?

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    Hi. Here's a link to the Tennessee homeschool laws. I'm not in Tennessee, but it looks like you do need to notify your current school district annually. I'm not a lawyer; just an experienced homeschool mom, so do know and understand the laws yourself. If you use Time4Learning, you will be homeschooling under Tennessee's option #1 (Independent Home School), since Time4Learning is not a church-related umbrella school or an online school. (Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum.)

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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