Would you homeschool if it became illegal? Does the level of punishment for the crime (homeschooling, in our theoretical world) determine your answer? Just how strongly DO you feel about homeschooling?

I don't honestly know the answer to these questions. I remember the h-e-double hockey sticks that our lives were when my child was in public school. I remember the terror associated with the decision to homeschool. I'm guessing, if the punishment for the crime was less painful than the pain of sending my child to school, then I would continue to homeschool.
--Additional state regulations, more paper work? I could deal with that.
--A fine? We would just save somewhere else.
--Community service? No problem, my child can join in, consider it a lesson.
--Jail time? Hmmm, is public school really that bad?
I would like to think that I am a strong person, but my conviction to homeschool is not strong enough to let them take my child away. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?
How about you?
Vote YES: I would homeschool if it became illegal, or NO: I would not homeschool if it became illegal. (I'll even let you answer Maybe...I did.) Think about why you responded the way you did.
I challenge you to answer these questions!! (And share them with us, of course!)
Happy Homeschooling!