Any Sealy, TX homeschoolers?
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    Smile Any Sealy, TX homeschoolers?

    We've been homeschooling for 7 years now. I have a 13 year old son, and 11 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. Any other homeschoolers in the Sealy area?

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    Default Yes to Sealy, Tx homeschoolers

    My wife and I have an 8yoa daughter. My wife homeschools her. We were less than satisfied with the quality of education at Sealy ISD. Sealy ISD does not have the quality of education it did 30-30 years ago.

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    Default Connecting with Sealy Homeschool Families

    We are moving to Sealy and would love to meet some other homeschool families in the area. We have a 13 yr. old son, a 10 yr. old daughter, and a 6 yr. old son. I saw this small thread from last year and am hoping there might be some more people searching this site. Let's connect!

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    Thumbs up Brookshire Area

    hi we're in between Katy and Sealy (Brookshire) I have 14 d, 12 d, 2 s, and 7month old d...we are always willing to make friends and try new things

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    Default moved in...

    Wells 6 - we are moved in and would love to connect sometime. Do you know if there are any local homeschool get togethers where we could meet? If not, maybe we can meet up at a playground sometime.

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    Default Yaay! More homeschoolers!

    We would like to meet other homeschoolers. We live between Sealy and Cat Spring.

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    Default Sealy Texas Homeschoolers

    There seem to be a lot of homeschoolers around here but many of the families we meet have not yet met one another.
    I heard about a new Homeschool Choir starting up this week in Sealy. It will meet from 9 - 11 am at the LifeBridge Office in Sealy. The contacts are David and Coreen Jander and the email contacts are [email protected] and [email protected].

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    Default Sealy Homeschool Park Day

    Homeschoolers invited:
    The park in Sealy (on Main Street and Atchison St.) on Friday, November 28th from 1-3 pm. No agenda, no schedule, just come on out, meet new friends, and enjoy good conversation.

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    Default Homeschool mom cat spring, tx

    Hi we homeschool and live in Cat Spring. We have five kids, our oldest son is 12 - 3 months. We would love to connect with other homeschoolers.

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    Default Sealy Homeschooling

    We have an 8yo and would like more information about homeschooling in Sealy. You can contact me at [email protected]

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