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    Hi everyone. Just a quick question on curriculum. I withdrew my son from the Corpus Christi ISD in order to home school him. The school district has told me that I NEED to purchase an accredited curriculum. Is this a state law? I was told by a different source that as long as I had a written curriculum that covered grammar, math, spelling, reading and a course in good citizenship and that I pursued it in a bona fide manner that it would be sufficient enough. I would not have to purchased a packaged commercial accredited curriculum. Anyone know the Texas law that states one way or the other?

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    Talking free to homeschool

    Hi There, I'm from Corpus and still live in Texas. I have homeschool my kids their whole lives. I have a chronic health condition that has temporarily rendered me unable to continue. We put them in a PS down the street in Feb 2015. My son tested one year above his grade level(4th to 5th), and passed all the STAAR tests the first time. He had never even taken a test of 50 questions. Texas does not have rules for homeschool. You set the calendar, times of work and what they learn. You do not have to buy anything. You can find free resources or used curriculum. You teach them what you feel they should know. I am taking this down time to look into online options and bring him back home in the fall. My daughter (2nd) will stay in for one more year, then she will come back home as well. I encourage you to get in a local homeschool co-op or FB group. They will support you and help you out. I think Im going to go with T4L and Switched on School house for next year. We have tried out several different curriculums for what works for us.

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    Home Schooling

    it mentions something about a good citizen course. would have been nice if it gave a suggestion as to a program they would like to see.

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    Default Good Citizenship and TX Curriculum

    Teaching your children good citizenship can usually be easily done through their social studies curriculum. Basically, our children need to understand how our government works, voting, flags and national symbols, etc.

    As for needing an accredited curriculum, that is not true, and you don't need to prove anything to anyone. When withdrawing a child from the public school system, you can offer a letter stating that your children will be taught a core curriculum including good citizenship. I would recommend HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). Membership is around $100 per year and they offer a lot of legal information, encouragement, newsletters, and will defend your family IF a homeschool legal issue should arise. But being that TX homeschool laws are not rigorous, I doubt you'd ever have a legal issue. None-the-less, it is good to be a member of such an organization.

    I hope that helps.

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    Red face What they mean by good citizenship in texas.

    I went on the Texas Education page, according to their site Good citizenship is not covered in social studies, Its actually teaching your child how to be a good citizen, manners, listening, following directions and laws.

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    Your school district is wrong. Let me see if I can find my resources

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    So basically all that is required to withdrawal and start homeschooling in texas is sending the school a letter.
    Mailing a Withdrawal Letter – Texas Home School Coalition - THSC

    If they request more- which is what it sounds like they have done- you can send them this letter from the Commissioner of education and a letter of assurance that you are following the law, and that should suffice for the school district.

    Good luck!

    Home Schools (April 8, 2013)

    Mailing an Assurance Letter – Texas Home School Coalition - THSC

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