First year Home Schooling 4th and 6th grade
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    Default First year Home Schooling 4th and 6th grade

    We have decided to home school our boys this year and they would be going into the 6th and 4th grade if still in the public school system.
    My 9 yr old (4th grader) is doing well in math with a few struggles in reading and with punctuation.
    My 11 yr old (6th grader), on the other hand, is not doing so well. He says that math is his favorite subject, but we have fallen behind in math.
    We are part of the Classical Conversations group in our home town and they love the Monday school day with the tutor and their friends. However, the work we do at home has mostly been focused on math, since I was told that if they decide to go back to school in the future and have to pass the STAAR test, that will be the biggest issue.
    I feel like I am drowning, and I've recently had a school teacher tell me that if I don't put my 11 yr old back in school right now, then when it is time to test him, he will likely be put back to the 5TH grade, as his math is not where it should be. I do not want to let my kids down, or feel like a failure with them!!
    We use Christian Light Education curriculum at home, but I'm wondering if that might be too hard for him. We have decided to finish book and then move directly to book 10 and just work with everything in that, as that will be the final review for what he needs through out the year.
    My questions are: Does this sound like a good idea to try to help him, or would this be detrimental to him for the future?
    Should I just go ahead and put him back in school, so I don't completely mess him up (even though this is not the route I feel like God wants us to go)?
    Should we focus more time on other subjects and let him take a break from math?
    Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated and much needed!!
    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: First year Home Schooling 4th and 6th grade


    This is a forum for parents who are using Time4Learning. I used Christian Light for a few months several years ago (2009) and did, indeed, find it "light".

    With Time4Learning, some families start somewhat below where they think their student is working and they have their child take the quizzes and tests first. If they do well on a quiz or test, they do not have to do the lessons associated with that quiz or test. They just move on to the next quiz or test. If they do not do so well on the quiz or test, they do the associated lessons and try again. (Most quizzes and tests draw a few questions from a large bank of potential questions, so they are a bit different each time they are attempted.) In this way, the student is only studying material they don't already know, and they can usually proceed quickly.

    Time4Learning provides the curriculum, and you use it your way! Time4Learning is a popular choice for students needing to "catch up", because of its flexibility. Here is where you can view some demo lessons. Time4Learning is a secular curriculum. Here's a great article written by a Christian mom who is using Time4Learning.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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