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    I want to start off by saying I love the idea of home schooling. As a public school teacher I know full and well the draw backs of "one size fits all" standards.

    You would agree that not all home schooling parents are equal, though. I have a family member with teenage children who were homeschooled until 13 years old. When they went to public school, the fact came out that they have very low reading skills ("I can't read"). My family member quickly pulled them out of school and continued home schooling them.

    I'm curious as to the opportunities, facilities, and laws in Texas. Is there a program that offers help to homeschooled children? Are there organizations, public or private, that help with this? Is this a form of neglect that should be reported to authorities?

    I am truly worried about the children. Please help me.

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    I am a homeschooling mom and it is true that not all parents are "equal". I personally would consider ALL factors in the children's upbringing before reporting to authorities. If they are cared for in every other way then this family member may just not have realized how behind they were in their reading skills. Are they are on par in math, and other subjects? Do they look physically healthy? Only you know the whole situation. Reporting neglect when there may not be any (save the reading skills) could have dire consequences in the many relationships concerned. However, I have personally had to report my own children's father for abuse, so if you truly believe there is abuse/neglect going on, you definitely need to report it. Most of all "have no fear", and only use LOVE toward your family member in your decision making.

    Yes, there are many many resources for homeschooling parents. The local library might be a great place to start.

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    homeschool kids in TX have the ability to use the public school programs if needed. The kids can get assistance as needed via classes there.

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