Hello from Beaumont!!
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    Smile Hello from Beaumont!!

    Hello parents!

    I am so excited to be here! I am even more excited to find a program that my son already loves!!
    I am a certified elementary teacher, so anything that makes learning fun, excites me!

    Why am I here? Well, I quit teaching in public school about 6 years ago due to the stiff laws! I also got tired of teaching to the state mandated test! It was just not enjoyable anymore!

    Last year when my son started kindergarten, I was miserable and so was he! The public school he had enrolled in was dark, dreary, and boring! My son is about a year advanced in his academics, therefore he was not being challenged at all. During Christmas break, I decided to withdraw him and keep him home since kindergarten is not mandatory in Texas.

    Now he will begin 1st grade, and the state has decided to do away with GT classes. Well, looks like he would be in same situation, bored and unchallenged! I was dreading this! So, last night in doing a little research, I came across this program and am thrilled that I did! Online games used for learning! How fun is that?! Being I have always been a hands-on teacher, using lots of fun manipulatives in the classroom, I was overjoyed!

    I have now set my home office up as a mini classroom, printed the student activity schedule and am reviewing the scope & sequence. Not only do I get to keep my baby boy home with me, I get to do what I once enjoyed doing...teach!!

    Looking forward to becoming family this school year!


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    Default new to homeschooling

    Hi, I recently withdrew my son from school and have decided to homeschool. He's 9...we live in the Beaumont area also. Have you found any co-op groups that you would recommend?

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    We are in Dayton about an hour from Beaumont. I have a 2nd grader and 4th grader.This is our first year homeschooling.

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