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    Hello, I am trying to help a young lady who has two children. They have moved in with me. I realized that she has two school age children and asked what her plans are since school started just last week because i saw that there was no paperwork, school record or the such. Well they moved in Sunday and here it is Wednessday and there has been no movement towards the homeschooling option that she said that she was going to use to educate her children. What concerns me is this, because I cannot find any requirements as far as declaring, reporting, confirming that there is a homeschool program occurring thatme, as the home owner is going to end up in trouble over this. Nevermind what a dis-service it would be if these young children did not receive any kind of education.

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    Some parents believe in the unschooling method, and that field trips or projects might be their way of learning. Doesn't seem ideal that you are trying to report them as soon as they moved in with you, were they homeless? I hope things get better.

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    Exclamation it it unfair to report her.

    Unschooling – Also known as student-led education
    or interest-led learning, this is a teaching method in
    which students study those topics that interest them,
    rather than follow a pre-defined curriculum. (you may want to try to sit down with her and let her know that you have a problem with her method) if you are not comfortable with her there let her know.

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