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    I have a son who is home schooled now through one of the big home school places right now and WE have an issue. 1) I was out of work at the time when we started but the toll of deleting our financial resources are astronomical and it has made me go back to work and now the school has called while I am at work. And that has upset the teachers. I need to go back to work.
    Now, my son is 10 yrs of age and very intelligent and can read at a college level. and yes he needs work in math as did I when I was in college (2 associates) and I understand 'You NEED Math' but yes there is a but... In the jobs I have had, the most essential math has always been and is, the basics addition subtraction division and multiplication, NOT Algebra or Trig...Yes I needed Geometry in Welding but as an office staff or a truck driver, basics was all I needed. Science he does well (80%) and everything else he does 80 plus. BUT math 70's
    Okay I understand BUT I CANNOT stay home during their work hours 8-5 m-f and I can't stand over him while he does his work. The school has asked if he could go back to his school we pulled him out of. That is NOT a possibility due to the schools he would go to. My older son was bullied to the point of having his glasses broken or stolen 6 times in 3 years, 5 backpacks were stolen or destroyed and of course the Administration says "Oh Well, we cannot do anything about it!!" And he was Special Needs with a teacher escort from class to class! Uh, how do you think a "Normal" student was survive? This is why we decided on Home Schooling.
    What advice can you give? Sincerely Caldren / San Antonio

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    Default Try Math Drills

    This may sound oversimplified, but it worked extremely well when we homeschooled our 10 year-old grandson, who wasn't even on a second-grade math level. He made his own math flash cards for addition, then reviewed them, out loud, 3 times a day, for only 5-10 minutes each time, while I was preparing a meal. (So, I could hear him doing it!) Then, we did a daily, timed addition sheet. Once he mastered addition, we moved on to subtraction, then multiplication and division. After he mastered addition and subtraction to the nine's, and multiplication and division to the twelve's, he did much better.

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