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    Default Home school for a kindergarten how to start?

    Hi I want to home school my kindergarten son but I donít understand this is time 4 learning just a curriculum or i can enroll him as a regular school?
    Iím so confused can some one give me home school names to enroll him.
    i live in Texas.
    thank you in advance


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    Default Re: Home school for a kindergarten how to start?

    Hi, Kari. When you homeschool, YOU are the school.

    It sounds like you are confusing homeschooling with enrollment in an online school. They are VERY different, even though many people mistakenly refer to or think of enrollment in an online school as "homeschooling". Online schools and home schools follow completely different laws. When you enroll your child in an online school, the school is responsible for following the school laws in the state where the school is located. When you homeschool, the parent is responsible for following the homeschool laws in the child's state of residence.

    Time4Learning is homeschool curriculum. It is not an online school. It is one curriculum you may choose to use to teach your child if you decide to homeschool.

    To homeschool, you do not need to be associated with a school. Texas is very homeschool friendly. Here is all they require:

    The only requirements to legally home school in Texas are:

    • The instruction must be bona fide (i.e., not a sham). Kelly's comment: That means you really need to teach your child and not claim to be homeschooling to cover up abuse or just to avoid having to get your child ready for school or some other shady reason.
    • The curriculum must be in visual form (e.g., books, workbooks, video monitor). Kelly's comment: Time4Learning is in visual form, via video monitor and printable worksheets. They just don't want you to ONLY provide casual discussion about various topics and call that "homeschooling".
    • The curriculum must include the basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship. Kelly's comment: Time4Learning covers all of these. Remember that you do not have to teach every, single subject every, single year. Good citizenship is covered frequently in social studies at most levels. This is things like knowing about our flag in the younger grades, understanding how voting works in higher grades, and government or civics courses in high school.

    The courts have determined that Texas home schools are private schools for the purpose of compulsory attendance. As such, home schools are not regulated, do not require teacher certification or third-party curriculum approval, and they are exempt from compulsory attendance laws.

    You might also be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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