Moving from Midland to San Angelo at the first of the year, and of course, won't know a soul. Have always home schooled my youngest who has had some focus and time management issues with work book curriculum. This is our first time using an online curriculum...though we have tested several. All I can say!

For the first time ever, I am not having to hover over my child like a school mom dictator repeating the word Focus more times than me or my child would have ever wanted to hear. Right in the middle of Christmas break, I have watched my son eagerly eating up the lessons within this program and begging to do more!

I had asked him to just sit down for a few minutes to test out a site I thought might provide a change of pace supplement for his workbook program. Two hrs later, he finally looks up from my laptop wanting a snack and asking if he could "play" on this site a little longer. I barely managed to nod my head yes without breaking in to tears. My son who has tried sooo hard, but has struggled sooo much with his personal focus issues was literally beaming grinning ear to ear begging to do more school during a holiday! Not once did I have to repeat that dreaded word...Focus! On top of that, he was engaged, telling me everything he was doing and learning! There are no words to express what a huge break through, joy, and relief this is to finally find a program that so seamlessly combats and overcomes my son's greatest educational struggles. It's never been about him not being able to comprehend or do the work....has always been about focus and time management....which is a huge reason why we home school to begin with. I have been determined that my child was not going to slip through the cracks of the public school system as unteachable and go through life thinking he wasn't smart enough. Have told him all along, its not about just getting through the material, it's about actually learning and retaining what you are doing while developing your own creativity and critical thinking skills....I didn't care if he was 20 or more before he was ready to go to college....every child develops differently and he didn't have to worry about being thrown to the wolves or fast tracked through a system without the skills he needed.

For the first time since starting this journey with him, I finally feel like we have stepped out of what was starting to feel like a pressure cooker for me as the parent/teacher, and into our educational niche. He's loving and engaged in school...completely focused on the much that the only time management issue left is me getting him out from in front of the laptop to engage in other activities. The workbooks have officially become supplemental!