Homeschool Co-op vs neighborhood association, please help!
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    Default Homeschool Co-op vs neighborhood association, please help!

    Hello! So we have started a home school co-op in Austin, TX. We have worked for over a year to build our network of families, curriculum etc.. we have 24 kids ages 6-10.

    We are leasing a house in a residential neighborhood- the landlord knows all the details and approved us, there's no HOA, all the direct neighbors (not many anyway) are totally fine with it and us + the landlord filled them in on what we were doing. We don't create any traffic on the street because we are across from a commercial parking lot where the parents pull in to pick up so no lines down the street at all…

    The landlord just got a notice from the neighborhood association saying that the self appointed group is reporting us to the city for using a residence as a commercial/business. We tried to talk to them and explain we are a home school co-op, we are not getting paid anything, our own kids go there, neighborhood kids bike there, we are only leasing the place for one year.

    I'm just at my breaking point, we've worked so hard to get here and finally took a deep breath after finishing a successful first week and now this…I really don't know how we'll find another location… it took us so much time and money to get the place we are in now.

    There is a meeting being held tomorrow night with the neighborhood association that we have to attend and we don't even know how to address this…

    Anyway have any advice or have you experienced anything like this or know what are rights are in a residential neighborhood?

    Very best-

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    I am so sorry that this is happening. My advice would be to maybe contact a lawyer and find out where you stand legally. There may be a way around the neighbor association. You could check locally (maybe one of your homeschool parents may have a lawyer friend who would offer up some legal advice free of charge). You could also contact HSLDA. I am not sure if they could help in this particular situation, but it's worth a call. Please update us on the outcome, especially if you find a solution. It could help other homeschoolers in this situation in the future.
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