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    Default homeschool newbie question

    Hi folks,

    I'm still very, very new to all this and found this amazing resource and perhaps someone can answer my question. I know that in order to homeschool in TX you need to declare yourself a private does one do this? DO I need to file papers or something somewhere?



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    Homeschooling in TX is very easy. You will need to withdraw your child from school and file your Letter of Intent to Homeschool. You do not have to register with your local school district or with any government organizations. As a private school, you are not subject to any regulations regarding public schools.

    The school district has no say over what curriculum you choose to use, or what style of homeschooling you choose to use. You do not to have your curriculum before you withdraw you child from school.

    You do not have to give your child any tests such as the school uses (TAKS). Also, there is no minimum number of days you are required to homeschool or any set number of hours during the day. You can be as flexible as your and your child need to be.

    Here are links to help you out:

    Texas Homeschool Coaliation

    Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling in Texas

    Texas Education Agency

    Also, here is a great e-book written by homeschoolers just for new homeschoolers. It's comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    Keep us informed. You CAN do it, and we are here to help.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the info!

    I'm stunned how simple the process seems to I keep waiting for something to make it more difficult!


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    Default file your Letter of Intent to Homeschool?

    I withdrew my child from school at the beginning of this year and i was never told or even knew about a letter of intent for homeschool he has been enrollend to this program since a few days after being withdrew from public school have i done something wrong can i get into trouble about this will it affect where he is at in school please help thank you

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    Default Letter of Intent

    You should be fine if you withdrew you child from public school but to keep your mind at ease you can still submit a Letter of Intent to the local school district superintendent. Just check the links that jpenn posted to get sample letters and have a copy for yourself and mail(certified mail) a copy to the superintendent. The letter of assurance is only needed if the school is trying to request more information from you about the withdrawal. However since it has been a while since you withdrew you child you should be good at this point.

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