How to teach good citizenship?
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    Default How to teach good citizenship?

    I am completely new to homeschooling, so forgive me if this is a silly question. What are some ways to fulfill the requirement of teaching good citizenship? My child is in 8th grade.

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    Default Civics/Government

    In Texas, they mean government and civics when the say "good citizenship". I wish they'd just say that so we could stop being confused! When you cover the branches of government, US and Texas history, voting, the free enterprise system (economics), etc. you are filling this requirement. You can, of course find resources for teaching government and economics pretty readily.

    I also recommend doing things like tracking elections as they come up, attending city council meetings, school board meetings, and other community government meetings. Take field trips to the state capitol and city hall. If you have the chance, visit D.C. - you can do a virtual visit by using various web and library resources. Investigate how a private citizen can contact their governing officials to make requests or to hold them to promises made. For economics, start a small business or have your child run a garage sale. Do a virtual stock trading portfolio and talk about what various economic news means. Explore how supply and demand work and take a look at how product quality, customer service, advertising and other parts of a business contribute to increasing demand.

    This is all just brainstorming. Thankfully this subject is one that you have exposure to on a daily basis. It's just a question of pointing out and explaining that exposure to your child.

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    I also found this: A Course of Study in Good Citizenship: Lower Elementary

    It's geared for elementary school but should give you some ideas of which directions to explore.

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    Default Citizenship

    With citizenship it is not just about government but also about the six pillars of character which are: Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Responsibility, Respect, and Trustworthiness. That is what was explained to me by my daughters teacher prior to home school.

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    Default Re: How to teach good citizenship?

    Does social studies count?

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    Default Re: How to teach good citizenship?

    Texas Home School Coalition offers a number of neat opportunities including 3 Capitol Days field trips in Austin where kids get hands-on experience speaking with legislators. They also have Rangers Club materials that you can start with a small group in your community - all materials provided for learning political process. And for their members, they offer a Lone Star Study, a one-year study about Texas citizenship/politics.

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