Military moving back to Tx
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    Unhappy Military moving back to Tx

    Hi all!!
    We're military, in Virginia, and moving back home to Texas in December. My son has been "homeschooled" since kinder. We've done the k12 program from Kinder to now (he just completed 3rd grade), but I'm not sure if we'll continue this upcoming school year. We're very seriously considering T4L but I'm beyond scared of it lol I've never had such an independent teaching tool. We're very very used to having a teacher on hand to guide when needed, reports being sent out, etc. My biggest concern with T4L is the record keeping (how would I do it?), the state requirements (would I need to let the local school know my intent to homeschool? Is there annual/quarterly testing? [one of my BIG issues with k12], how much supplemental work needs to be done to meet standards?). Such a stress for me. I think my big concern is the testing factor and the legality of it all (what needs to be done on my end). Can anyone help? Also, since we are miliary and are moving mid year back there, does that mean I have to do special requirements here in Virginia?

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    Hey there. Here is a page T4L has about homeschooling in Texas, so you can find out more about the laws there, and what you need to turn in to your school board. As far as T4L and record keeping...that's one of my favorite benefits! It keeps everything for you. All you need to do is print them out, and you can do however you like it (by subject, weekly/monthly/annually, etc).

    Time4Learning is aligned to state and national standards, but again, referencing any homeschool laws you find for TX would let you know if there is a subject area that you would need to supplement.
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