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    HELP! My daughter is currently enrolled in a Christian high school here in Indiana. Covenant Christian High school. We are moving to Texas January 1, 2016. I am needing to find an online school for her to complete her second semester. Is that something we could do? She made the comment to me that she would like to homeschool online for her January-May semester and if she likes it, she would like to do her entire junior year in the fall of 2016. I went online trying to find a free online schools but they only accept students that have been previously enrolled in a Texas school. That doesn’t help us at all. Do you any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    You can absolutely do that! There are many online programs available. Time4Learning being one of them. T4L is month to month, which sounds like that would work best for your situation. It is not free, but compared to other programs available, it is one of the more affordable options. Plus, you only pay what you use. If your daughter decides she wants to go back to a private/public school at any point, you can just cancel T4L
    Here are also a couple of websites that I thought would be of some help.
    Online High Schools «
    Roadschooling Mom to DD & DS

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    Where in Texas?

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