need your help with some questions about homeshool!
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    Default need your help with some questions about homeshool!

    Hi, my name is Laura, my niece has A.D.D. and is having so much problems at school, to make it worse the school has her classify as a trouble maker and dont want to work with my sister to help her out. The school is so small they dont have any classes for special need kids. They have suspended her and have her in suspention in school so really shes not really learning anything. So my sister wants to homeschool her for just 2 months until her lease is over on her apartment so she can move to a very disctrict that have good programs for her. Would that be possible, to homeschool her for just a few months? What is the process once she wants to put her into the new school disctrict? what curriculum should be good for her since she has A.D.D.? when we ask my niece why she misbehave she says cause shes bored.

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    If you are going to homeschool, first and foremost you need to know the laws of your state. DO NOT REMOVE A CHILD FROM SCHOOL UNTIL YOU KNOW THE LAW. Once you know what is required by law, follow those requirements to the letter. The school may also require additional steps. You do not legally have to follow anything the school asks of you if it is not required by your state, but the school can make life really difficult if you don't. In Texas the Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC) have lots of help on their website for the state of Texas. Also, The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a national organization for helping here in the United States and also offering some support abroad.

    Both of my kids were undiagnosed dyslexics, along with one having undiagnosed dysgraphia and the other having undiagnosed dyscalculia. Once may also have ADD, but that remains undiagnosed. Once we finally had a diagnosis for the other issues in 5th and 2nd grade, we found that the school simply was not equipped to help them in the way that they needed. We were forced to pull my 2nd grader out mid-year because the teacher treated him so terribly even though he had always been my guy who loved school and tried so hard. His emotional state deteriorated rapidly and he still carries those scars. I wish we had pulled him months sooner. He had never thought of himself as a bad kid and had always been excited about learning. He would work so hard to learn the material and was very respectful of authority. After his abysmal experience in 2nd, he hated school, hated writing, his hands would shake when he heard a pencil on paper and he STILL feels bad about himself upon occasion. She totally demoralized him.

    We now homeschool full time. It was challenging at first and we are still trying to find our stride in certain areas, but for the most part it has been like night and day. I don't think I will ever put my kids back in a brick and mortar school, as long as I can find a way to keep homeschooling financially. I can structure everything to work so much better with how they think and process information. We are finally making headway and the kids feel so much better about themselves. I have friends with 13 year olds (normal schooling, not homeschooling) that are really struggling with attitude issues now. My 13 year old and I are actually closer than we have been in years.

    Whatever your sister's personal circumstances, please encourage her to save your niece. The emotional scars she is experiencing may haunt her the rest of her life. There are TONS of resources for homeschooling, even temporarily. Don't let her suffer. Find how to legally pull her out and get her in a safe and nurturing environment as soon as possible. Clinical depression and suicide are on the climb for dyslexics, ADD/ADHD kids, etc. because the public schools are moving further and further away from individualized instruction and more towards cookie cutter instruction to get kids through standardized testing. If the school has already labeled her a troublemaker, get her out as quickly as possible. If there is any way to homeschool her for the next year, maybe contacting other homeschoolers in the area that are having the same issues, she won't be so alone in her situation and your sister can get support, too.

    I am so sorry they are both having to deal with this. Good luck and take care!


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