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    Hello I am new to this forum as well as new to homeschooling! My daughter will be starting homeschool this year! She is 5, supposed to be starting public school but her father and I decided against that over the last few months.... I have a few different questions to ask...

    1. Why did YOU decide to homeschool your child(ren)?
    2. How did you handle people telling you "what you are doing is wrong. thats taking away a RIGHT of theirs to go to public school"?
    3. How do I get into different groups and activities??

    I am located in Azle, TX. By lakeworth & springtown... I'd really appreciate ANY answers/encouragement from anybody

    Thanks so very much for reading!!!!
    Have a blessed day

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    Just as everyone is uniquely different, so are their reasons for homeschooling. What really matters is this important decision you and your husband made together. Personally, we decided to homeschool for several different reasons, most notably the failure of the public school and learning challenges not being met or improved. Did I mention tears from the child???

    You will have to grow a thick skin in order to not be upset all the time when others offer their opinions about homeschooling and what you are doing wrong, afterall, it doesn't really matter what they think, it matters how you are meeting the needs of your child.

    As for your last question, try googling homeschool support groups in your area and local homeschool co-ops. They abound.

    Here is a free e-book written just for new homeschooling families. It was written by veteran homeschoolers. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    Best wishes, and do keep us informed.

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