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    My son is finishing his first year in Pre-K in public school and overall wasn't the best experience. Our behavior therapist recommended homeschooling for him. My son is free-will and loves for us to read to him and he retains so much when we do. He is eager to learn how to read. But honestly how do I assess what he already learned and get him on the right path. What curriculum have you used. Do you follow the Texas TEKS in a way. We are military and moving overseas and I just want to build some foundation and routine for him before we leave.

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    This is the forum for the Time4Learning curriculum, so most of us are using that.
    You could start him at kindergarten since he's done PreK, and if you find that it's too easy or hard, you can move him up or back easily.

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    I have just recently decided to homeschool my 4 year old. He has not been in public school....period because I have been teaching him off and on and have no desire to send him. Since you started in May, what has been your experience? (looking for tips)

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