new to homeschooling in Midland, Tx
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    Hi! I am looking into homeschooling in this coming fall. I'm looking for a christian homeschooling support group in Midland. Thank you!

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    Hello! My name is Amy. I don't live in Midland, I live in Odessa. We started homeschooling last October. I started with Time4Learning, it flows well and I love that you can go back a grade if needed. I love that we live in Texas and there is virtually no regulations as to curriculum, attendance, reporting etc.,and no state testing, it has been very difficult to find homeschooler groups here in Odessa. Wish I could help you with info in Midland. I know of 4 other parents here in Odessa that started Time4 learning this year. My nephew attends Odessa Christian school so we network there. Well hope you and yours enjoy homeschooling!!

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    We homeschool in Colorado City, no quite Midland, but close.

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    I just started homeschooling my 8th grade daughter in Midland. I am a school teacher certified EC-8 and 6-12 Biology and my daughter was fixing to fail. It wasn't because she couldn't do it. Bullying at school sent her into a deep depression and she couldn't concentrate on the work. After researching it, talking to her, and weigh all options, we decided that homeschool would be a better learning environment for her. I have her on Time4learning during the day, monitored by her dad (who is retired). Plus I love that I can check on her records from school. It lets me know what we are needing to work on when I get home.

    Needless to say, I am scared to death about this decision. I was glad to see some close by that have middle school age students using Time4learning.

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