New to homeschooling, where do I start?
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    Question New to homeschooling, where do I start?

    My son and I will be embarking on the homeschooling journey on Monday! I am not exactly sure where to start, should I start at the beginning of the lessons or should I start in the middle since he is already half-way through the school year? I was considering starting at the beginning and just kinda breezing through it if he knew it all but I am not sure how long that will take and I do not want to waste valuable time on stuff he already knows.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi, and welcome, Cynthia!

    You might want to start at the beginning just to make sure he doesn't miss something he might not know. If he does know the material, what a great review, and feel free to skip the quizzes and tests, or just skip to the tests to check for understanding.

    Remember, he will have access to three grade levels within each subject. For example, if he is on grade 4, he will have access to grades 3, 4, and 5.

    These tips and tricks will help you navigate and use the program a little easier. Also, this Welcome to Homeschooling e-book might also be helpful. It was written by homeschooling families for other homeschooling families. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    Be sure to explore more forums. Best wishes and keep us informed.

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