New to T4L in Weatherford TX area looking for others here
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    Default New to T4L in Weatherford TX area looking for others here

    Hi, my name Pam and I'm home schooling my 14 yr grandson. Thinking of changing over to T4L. Anyone out there tell how they like this program?

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    Hello, and welcome! I'm not in TX, but I can tell you my 11th grader has been using T4L since 2nd grade, and my 6th grader has been with it since PreK. It's so flexible (accessible from just about any device/computer with an internet connection, 24/7), my kids can work at their own pace, PLUS it takes care of lesson planning and record keeping for me -- which is great, considering that I'm a slacker. It's definitely worth trying out. They have a two week money back guarantee, and you can pay're not locked into a year's worth of materials or a contract or anything.
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    Hi, Pamela. My six kids have used Time4Learning since 2006. Four have now graduated from our homeschool high school. They began college at ages 17, 16, 16, and 16 and all did well on their entrance exams. (One did VERY well. )

    My kids have been homeschooled since the beginning. I started using Time4Learning the year I gave birth to my youngest son, who has significant special needs. I liked that almost everything was graded for me, and I didn't have to teach everything from scratch. It was great to not have to sit down to a pile of workbooks to grade each night, as I simply didn't have time at that point in my life.

    Yes, we like it! My younger two, including my son with special needs, are still using Time4Learning.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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