I have a teenage daughter that I just enrolled into the High School program. I started homeschooling when she was in the 5th grade. I am trying out "Time 4 Learning" because I feel she has gotten bored with her lessons. When I ran across "Time 4 Learning" on Facebook (I saw where a friend LIKED the page); I started to look into it. I am hoping that this will bring back the spark in her eye when it comes to learning new things. She is a gifted student and I feel that she has been slacking due to boredom. With the Lesson Plans and an account of what she is actually doing/done; I feel she will be more amp to stop lagging on her lessons and actually start performing once again, instead of just going through the motions. She was taking way too long to finish subjects that in the past she would had completed by this time of the year. It is harder to homeschool an only child, I would only veer to guess, as I only have one child to make that assumption.

Anyway- I am looking forward in all the knowledge I can absorb from all the veterans out there...and I am looking forward in meeting you.