Questions regarding Homeschooling
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    Default Questions regarding Homeschooling


    We are planning to Home School our son from the next academic year. He is currently going to a charter school and in 5th grade in Coppell, Texas. I had some questions and request experienced folks here for guidance.

    *Formalities? - Apart from informing his current school that we won't be enrolling for 6th grade, is their anything else to be done formally? Do we need to register anywhere that he will be doing his 6th grade under home school? if not, what is the proof that a student is studying particular grade?

    *Fallback options - In case due to any compulsions, if we find a need to enroll him back to school during the year, is that possible? Will the school accept enrollment request middle of year for home school student?

    *Future - On the same lines, if we want to renroll into school in the next academic year, will the school take him into 7th grade? or will they need to do some type of testing?

    Since it's our first foray into Homeschooling, trying to understand the different aspects.


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    Default Re: Questions regarding Homeschooling

    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    I'm not in Texas, but I know Texas to be THE most homeschool-friendly state. Here is information from the Texas Homeschool Coalition about how to legally homeschool in Texas. I did a little more digging and found what the Texas Education Agency says about returning to public school after being homeschooled (pasted below). You should also know that all fifty states allow a parent to issue a homeschool diploma to their own student. The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High

    Transferring to a Public School

    The State of Texas does not award a diploma to students that are home schooled. Home-schooled students can enter public school at any time but should be aware that most districts have policies and procedures in place to assess the mastery level of courses that students in home schools have taken. The results of the assessment may be used for grade placement or award of credit or both. Students transferring from home schools should be afforded the same treatment as students transferring from unaccredited private schools. TEA recommendations on appropriate placement assessments are included in the Commissioner's Home School Policy Letter below.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding Homeschooling

    HI, I'm also new to homeschooling,I just moved to Texas back in February,I have a 15yr old daughter who has Anxiety isssues. She tried public school for a week and didn't like it at all so now I have to learn to home school her and have no idea where to start.I haven't found any support groups in my county yet,Any help would be great.

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